Ophelia By Vango

Ophelia By Vango

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One of our most popular flavours and the flavour most people ADV (all day vape), Ophelia is a sweetener free blend of Mango and Strawberry with subtle hints of Cactus and Kiwi.

When you inhale, you get the sweet Mango flavour and when you exhale you will get the popping Strawberry, Kiwi and the roundness of Cactus. People say that the flavour changes over time so you will never get bored!

An extra bonus is that because it is free of any added sweetener, your coils will last really long – like more than any other juice around!

If you like your juices on the colder side, make sure to check out Frozen Ophelia – a slightly sweeter and colder version of Ophelia (and our top selling flavour).