Ooze Quad Flex Temp Battery With Smart USB

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The Ooze Quad Flex battery is a 510 thread, 500 mAh vape pen battery with a square shape. This new shape actually protects the cartridge, your battery will never roll off the edge of the table, cracking your cartridge again!


  • Ooze 500 mAh Battery
  • Preheat mode
  • 4 Temperature Settings - 2.7v | 3.2v | 3.7v | 4.2v
  • 15 Seconds Hold Time
  • Fits all 510 Thread 
  • USB Smart Charger
  • Charging From Both Ends - USB Smart Charger, USB-C Charging Port
  • Auto Safety Shut off 
  • Preserves Battery Cells 

Each Quad includes an Ooze Smart USB charger, as well as a USB-C charging port on the very bottom.